by Mike Wisland
KPCW Host, Park City, UT
Digital Media Professor, Utah Valley University

FACT 1: Long distance can break up a rock band.
FACT 2 : Brandi lives in Atlanta and George lives in Salt Lake City.

Brandi-about-2“It’s something that we’re used to.” said co-songwriter George David in a recent radio interview, “It’s really nothing new.”

During college, Brandi Lunsford worked as a spokesmodel. And she interned with George at a film studio in Utah. “She would drive several hours from Logan (Northern UT) or Wyoming just to help me with anything the studio requires,” George added tenderly, “She made a lot of sacrifices I’ll never ever forget.”

Later they both realized they share a common passion for music and songwriting. “She is the ultimate songwriting partner as she can write lyrics on the spot.” They worked on several songs together. This was soon followed by months of figuring out the new music partnership. They decided to form a 2-person new wave rock band.

Sara Fowler, George’s best friend, suggested a unique name: Elecktics.

I thought eccentric and electric at the same time and and then the name popped into my head,” recalled Sara. “Brandi later said that the name sounded like elected lunatics,” George laughed, “but she liked it and was so supportive.”

Starbucks was the hub they frequented to create songs and to build the foundation of the band.starbucks-logo-150x150
With extensive music experience between them, they wrote and recorded several original songs. And to save money, they played all the instruments themselves.

Brandi-about-1“Her lyrical skill kinda reminds me of songs by Bob Dylan. It’s a fresh new take on a subject,” added George. “She’s a great, talented, unique writer. An incredible, special person. And the texture of her voice sounds perfect for our music.”

However, a big problem arose.  Quite often, neither George nor Brandi could spell the name of the band correctly.  So they decided that branding Brandi’s full name would be the logical choice.  Thus, www.brandilunsford.com was born.

At the conclusion of the radio interview, George was asked if distance will hinder the band. Now separated by 1800 miles, Brandi studies @ Emory University’s Medical School while George is a documentary filmmaker in Utah.

George replied, “I don’t care if Brandi lives in London, Toronto, Dubai, or Tokyo. She’s the only one in the world I would pursue music with.”