My Favorite Concert

I love concerts. It’s hard to choose just one favorite, because I have seen so many amazing bands, and I have had a lot of crazy and fun experiences at concerts. I have also had a lot of not so good things happen too. Here are a few examples of that….

1- My friend’s foot cast was shattered into pieces when he got pushed into a mosh pit.

2- I have been kicked by countless crowd surfers.

3- I also got heat stroke once. My poor date sat against the back wall of the venue with me for the last half of the concert, trying to bring me back to life with some WAY overpriced bottled water.

4- I’ve braved the pouring rain, with mud up to my ankles.

5- I lost my favorite beanie. The crowd was packed like sardines, and I was holding hands with my group to keep us together. Some jerk pulled it off my head, and I still remember watching as it was slowly tossed around in the crowd, and then disappeared. Sigh. I looked for that thing for so long after the crowd left. I will never get over that loss. Lol.

Despite all of these unpleasant experiences, I still love the rush of live music. I am dedicated. I love the crowds, and the energy. I love the people you meet and the bonds that you make. I just love the feeling. I think that’s what music is really about. The feeling. So without further ado, here is the story of my favorite concert.


*Anyone who knows me is not surprised. I love the RHCPs.

It was the end of summer and my awesome boyfriend got us front section tickets to their concert. The concert was an hour drive (through the mountains) for us. As we merged onto the freeway my heart was racing with excitement. 10 minutes into the drive we heard a “thunk,” and the car started jerking sharply one way. FLAT TIRE.

Luckily, my date’s hero father and his little dog came to the rescue. He didn’t want us to be late so he let us take his car and continue on our way, while he changed the tire.

We found out later that the dog, while relaxing in the air-conditioned car, had locked his dad out of the car! Luckily his cell phone was in his pocket, and his grandfather became the hero. Such a great family.

Although, getting there was a challenge, it was well worth it. My words will never come close to explaining how great the experience was. The seats were perfect, the music was excellent, and the band was beyond entertaining. I also thought that the guitar player was naked for the first 20 minutes of the show. Lol. Best day ever.

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